The Very Existence Of A House Of Lords Shames Britain

It isn’t just that the House of Lords is a shameful hotbed of corruption – so that’s why they look as though they are about to fall asleep all the time – surely the most despicable thing of all is its existence in the first place, and what that says about the British.

No other mature democracy would allow itself to be governed by this bunch of played-out, second rate old farts who probably never had an original idea during their failed careers as backbenchers, union whingers, legal chancers, or Church of England hand-wringers.

Just turn on the TV one day, look at the Parliament channel when the red benches are in action and shed tears of shame.

What a sham of a democracy we have in Britain. The lower House, otherwise known as the Mother F*%$£!” of Parliaments, is supposed to hold the government to account, but is in hock to it. The opposition doesn’t have the courage of its convictions, which, if you’ve forgotten, used to be lower taxes, small government, and equal opportunity for all via education. The LibDems are simply awful, professional moaners. Ask yourself, what is the raison d’être of a Lib Dem? What is at the heart of its philosophy? Not being the government is their great rallying cry.

But most shameful of all is the House of Lords. Not an ounce of credibility. One day it will be reformed. Let’s call it the Senate. It will be wholly elected. Members will serve one 5 year term. No repeats allowed. No pay either. When the Lords are reformed, we must make sure that party politics is kept to a minimum, so no gravy train career for its members. No former politicians so no House of Commons members need apply, no former union officials, no clergymen of any stripe, no Lords or Royals. Hopefully citizens over 50 who perhaps have retired and have a huge backpack of experience in the real world will be tempted to participate. They will probably have a comfortable pension so can’t be corrupted either by bribes, or the siren songs of government. It’s not the age of the House of Lords that’s the problem. It’s the participants. The failed remnants of a corrupt Lower House shouldn’t have any power over us. To coin a phrase, let’s have some change we can believe in.

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