Tories Poised For Victory, As Miliband Effect Kicks-In

Tories Poised For Victory, As Miliband Effect Kicks-In. 

“partly formed, weird, full of student union arrogance, yet to be weaned off utopian arguments handed down from his USSR loving father” 

“(could) the Tories dump Cameron and give Sanjit Javid the controls?” 

A month’s exposure to Ed Miliband will doom Labour to defeat and push the Tories to an overall majority as the LibDems are annihilated – that was my theory and I’m sticking with it.

The conventional wisdom, blasted at us every day, says the two (and a bit) party system is over, there will be no clear winner, get used to multiparty politics. The polls have consistently shown, over months and months, that the two big parties are neck and neck, but both nowhere near close to overall majorities and with the pesky little parties like the Greens and UKIP taking away important votes.

This argument suffers from a big weakness, in my opinion. It ignores the possible impact of political campaigns (a crucial shortcoming of opinion polls, wouldn’t you say?). Despite the efforts of the political parties, people don’t start paying attention until the fat lady starts to clear her throat. They’ve got better things to do with their lives, they think. In the last days of the campaign they will start to pay attention. Miliband’s fatal weaknesses can’t be hidden. And in the voting booth, many will cease to toy with wannabes who don’t stand a chance of power and return to nurse, for fear of something worse. A huge proportion of the public aren’t terribly interested in politics and only start to make up their minds in the few days before the election.

The more people see of Miliband, the more they see a partly formed, weird politician, full of student union arrogance, and yet to be weaned off utopian arguments handed down from his Soviet Union-loving father. He wanted to freeze oil prices, only to see them slump 50 per cent a few weeks later. He wants to freeze rents, which even famous leftie economists like nobel-prize winner Paul Krugman say is completely stupid and counter-productive. A little noticed item in his manifesto wants to extend “hate” crime law to stop Islamophobia. Good luck with that one. His decision to compete with and eventually destroy his brother David’s career was an egregious, wicked act. His nonsense about the Tories privatising the NHS is simply a lie (unfortunately).

Crucial exasperation
In Thursday’s debate on BBCTV, his silly talk of penalising millionaires (like himself) and making the rich pay till the pips squeak, contrasted with Prime Ministerial David Cameron’s more compelling argument that the job is only half-finished but progress has undeniably been made. (I speak as a Cameron-hater and UKIP voter who defected from the Conservative party after a year of his leadership). This Tory claim will convince many as May 7 approaches because it does have some truth, not least when compared with idea of handing the keys to the economy back to those who wrecked it. My contention is that the polls will now begin to register crucial exasperation with Miliband, fuelled by crass moments like his sucking up to the mental defect Russell Brand.

The Tory offering – we’ve made economic progress in the last 5 years, don’t let Labour ruin it – will sound pretty convincing.

When push comes to shove, the two party system will re-emerge more or less as before, although on the periphery there will some changes. Clearly Nicola Sturgeon’s SNATs are shaking things up north of the border, but they pretty much mirror Labour’s free-stuff leftyism. Miliband’s claim in Thursday night’s debate that he will have no truck with SNATs, seems dumb, given that this means he dooms himself to defeat. So expect that to have been a lie.

The LibDems will be defenestrated. The party, with its self-serving and borderline traitorous loyalty to the undemocratic European Union, can’t hide its all things to all men vacuity any longer. Nick Clegg has already booked himself a cheap one-way ticket on the EuroStar to Brussels, I’ll bet. Demised LibDems will provide many of the 23 seats required for the Tories to win their overall majority. I expect UKIP to inflict harm on Labour in the North.

Low-information crowd
What if I’m wrong and a majority of the low-information crowd (which U.S. talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh diplomatically calls those not playing with a full deck, mentally) are fooled by Miliband’s free stuff socialism? Well there is a silver lining, but I don’t think I’ll be around to be able to take advantage of it. A Miliband victory, backed by the SNATs, will end in tears for the British people and most severely the poor, as the economy is zapped by crippling taxes and the debt-interest load. Shades of IMF intervention in 1976 to bailout the Labour government then. The silver lining is the likelihood that exposure to severe economic crisis will once and for all (well for a while at least) convince the British that the way to prosperity is the small government, low tax, maximum freedom, minimum regulation regime that we saw start in 1979. That caused mayhem for a couple of years, but by clearing the decks of all the dumb socialism and nationalisation, allowed a golden age of prosperity to emerge.

Sanjit Javid
I was hoping that the 2010 election, dumping the socialist dimwit and bully Gordon Brown and his little helpers the Eds Balls and Miliband, might lead to something similar to the Thatcher revolution, but faint-hearts like limo-hungry Nick Clegg and his crew of handwringers and cowards put paid to that. Maybe a Tory victory on May 7 will lead us to sunlit uplands but I doubt it. If the Tories dump Cameron and give a proper Tory like Sanjit Javid the controls, though, now you’re talking.

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  1. Terry Barker May 6, 2015 at 11:35 am #

    Feeling better now you have got all that off your chest Neil’s?I think your faith in trickle down theory will leave families at the bottom of the pile gasping for breath for another five years. Fortunately a progressive alliance is a more likely outcome and the millionaire tax dodgers and multi-national corporations will then be required to pay their fair share of taxes.
    Capitalism yes but only where it serves the country and not the City. Germany and France , among others, know how to commercialise and bring success to their nationalised industries and we can learn from them. The long term needs a rebalancing of the economy with investment away from London and into green and sustainable industry.

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