Tories to win working majority; but will we notice any real change?

“Cameron will win because he is not Gordon Brown. Just like Blair and New Labour won in 1997 by not being Tories”

“Maybe Cameron will emerge in full Margaret Thatcher mode, slashing and burning the fascist state, to create a freedom loving, prosperous, low tax, well educated nation”

The Tories will win a strong, working majority at the general election.

When you think about it, no other scenario makes sense. Since 1997, Britain’s modern economy and ancient institutions have been trashed by this government of fools. Everything they’ve tried has cratered. Education, health, transport; all hopeless failures. Labour ruined what was once the best private pension setup in the world, has shown contempt for our democratic traditions, and presided over the emergence of a fascist state of in yer face bullies trying to order us about. Labour gave us the clipboard target culture, which forces police, parking operatives, and public officials generally to jettison common sense and behave like unthinking idiots because otherwise their jobs and promotion would be jeopardised. Only the armed forces seem to have survived more or less intact.

It has truly been 13 wasted years. Just think where the country would be today if hadn’t been governed by Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and his bunch of sophomoric socialists most of whom have never had proper jobs, and who seem blissfully unaware of the theory of unintended consequences. It has always been thus. Imagine how Britain would be today if we hadn’t been saddled with Labour’s nationalising welfare nanny state in 1945.

Yes, the Tories will win in 2010, maybe not massively, but by enough to govern comfortably for 4 or 5 years. Any other result is unthinkable. What kind of country would we be if a majority of our citizens weren’t full of contempt for Brown and Blair, Balls, Straw and Harperson-Dromey. Sure, the opinion polls are suggesting a lack of conviction for the Tories, but when you ask people questions about politics when there is no imminent election, you won’t get serious, thoughtful answers.

When the campaign proper gets underway and voters are forced to take politics seriously, they will more than likely give a severe kicking to Labour, hopefully seriously enough to make this counterproductive “movement” into an historical anomaly which will never misgovern us again.  I’m not so sure of that, but I am sure that my fellow citizens can be relied on to administer the knife. I only hope they twist it on the way out. They may well be tempted to go for the twist too, after the sociopathic Gordon Brown spends more and more of his time on our TV screens. What a coward. What a bully. What lies. What arrogance. What incompetence.

It’s the next part of the scenario which frightens me though.

Thanks to Tory party cupidity in going for the inexperienced, lightweight Cameron and not the long-serving David Davis, we will saddle ourselves with a Prime Minister and cronies who are clearly not up to the job. Sure, he will win the election because he is not Gordon Brown. Just like Blair and New Labour won in 1997 by not being Tories (and convincing Britons that they had dumped their silly socialism).

But from day one as leader Cameron has been barking up the wrong tree. The first time I heard him interviewed on Radio 4’s Today Programme after winning the Tory leadership, Cameron talked of detoxifying the Tory “brand”. The Tory party is not and was not ever a brand. That’s for soap or cars or airlines but not political parties. It was never the “nasty” party either, as described by Theresa May. In a sane world, she should have been dismissed for that crass remark. Cameron should have been about reminding Britons what small “c” conservatism was all about. How low taxes and small government would create a better society.

But it turned out that Cameron was not really a conservative at all. He was a politician on the make seeking power by joining his chosen vehicle, the Conservative Party. Just look at what he has done. He dumped Grammar Schools, the priceless vehicle for working class children to break out of their oppressive backgrounds. Why? Because he was too scared to argue the case against Progressives, who would sacrifice our children’s education in the name of “fairness”, whatever that is. Why not seek to raise standards everywhere to the level of Grammar Schools, rather then level down? Surely a proper Tory levels up, not down. This was the issue which persuaded me to resign from the party.

Cameron has been running scared of National Health reform, and has not dared to talk of how low tax is the way to create a healthier economy. Until the bottom fell out of the economy, Cameron was still talking about “sharing the proceeds of growth” with the public sector, because he didn’t have the guts to argue against New Labour’s plans. He has demonstrated his opportunism and superficiality by embracing the “we are all guilty” global warming line. Thanks to Cameron we have Zac Goldsmith’s silly ideas about the climate, being taken seriously. Now the Tories have signed up Lord Stern of Report fame, who, if Cameron had taken the trouble to research his background a bit, would have realised that this man simply took all the worst scenarios he could find about human influence on the climate and pasted it together. The Tories want to embrace Stern’s ideas and his economy destroying, Cap and Trade nonsense?

So the Tories will win, and Labour will be trashed. That’s a heartening outcome (and one that my UKIP vote won’t be a part of). I suppose that I could be proved wrong, and Cameron will emerge on the day after the election in full Margaret Thatcher mode. Slashing and burning the fascist state, and working from day one to create a freedom loving, prosperous, low tax, well educated nation who eschew the Stalinist, top-down Health Service, restore sanity to environmental issues, and the tax break to private pension funds which Gordon Brown so scandalously removed.

If he makes William Hague Chancellor and John Redwood Chief Secretary to the Treasury, fires the useless apologist for Labour Andrew Lansley from the Health beat, and dumps the likes of Theresa May, George Osborne, Caroline Spellman, Eric Pickles and grammar schools traitor David Willets, maybe things will turn out well for the nation. Only the terrific Michael Gove seems to have the courage of his convictions with his revolutionary ideas about education.

But I fear that more of the same old indistinguishable-from-Labour garbage is the most likely outcome from these conviction-free Tories.

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