Tories Will Win Big, Or Big Enough, More’s The Pity

gordon-brown-communityBest For Our Long-Term Future Would Be Inconclusive Labour Win

That Would Pin Responsibility For Future Pain Where It Belongs

This should be a great day for Britain. Finally, with the election date being set, we have the chance to dump Gordon Brown, this arrogant, cowardly, incompetent, nasty, lying socialist.

Unfortunately his likely replacement, David Cameron, is a superficial lightweight who somehow contrived to steal the Tory Party leadership with his faux populist campaign, where he relied on dimwit, Conservative old-dears who were taken in by his brazen use of sentimentality and his family as props.

Don’t forget that if Cameron had been truthful in his campaign for the leadership and told the faithful he wanted to dump grammar schools and pursue the Zac Goldsmith brand of infantile environmentalism, he would never had made it past the first fence.

So what is the best outcome for the country?

It seems to me that a hung parliament would be a good thing for one and all, (and I’ll explain that later) but that isn’t going to happen. Listening to Lord Heseltine on BBC Radio 4 yesterday, he pointed out that the Tory party needs an unprecedented swing to win absolute power. That’s true, but these are unprecedented times. Never before has a political leader been so despised by his fellow citizens. Never before have the British suffered under such an incompetent government.

The campaign started this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Today Show with John Humphries reminding us in an interview with “Lord” Kinnock that Gordon Brown as chancellor repeatedly told us that he had ended boom and bust. This will be thrust down Brown’s throat all the way through the campaign, reminding us of the unique balls-up Labour has made of everything it has touched. Education, transport, health, pensions, burgeoning welfare, immigration. Just think what might have been achieved during these 13 years if even a halfway competent Tory party had been in power. The waste of resources and opportunity brings tears to the eyes when you think of it.

Because of this record of unique incompetence, Labour will loose big, with a substantial Tory majority. As the campaign intensifies the Labour Party can’t avoid being shown up for what it really is. My big hope is that it will lose so badly as to be destroyed forever as a party capable of inflicting its unique brand of stupidity on the nation, but not just yet. You can see how desperate they are too. “Lord” Mandelson is getting increasingly panicked as he attempts to roll into action all the “clever” tactics he used at the 1997 election, which started the Labour terror.

This is great news because the effort will be totally wasted. Mandelson thinks his cleverness won the election for Labour in 1997, but nothing could be further from the truth. Labour won in ’97 because the voters were fed up with 18 years of Tory rule. The voters will throw out Labour for the same reasons. The people are sick of the sight of them. Nothing they can say will change that. If the Tories make some big mistakes it is possible I suppose for them to lose it, but Labour is almost certainly toast.

But a big win for the Conservatives will be bad news for Britain, long-term. Firstly, it will have to immediately crank up massive cuts in the Gordon Brown client state. This will trigger an obvious Labour reaction seeking to place the blame for all the pain firmly on the Tories.  If there was a Margaret Thatcher figure at the head of the party, there might be grounds for thinking that eventually sunlit uplands might be achieved by hard graft and conviction, but not with the Cameron Tories. They don’t have any convictions. They aren’t proper Tories.

The best outcome would be for Labour to emerge as the largest party, with the LibDems holding the balance of power. Cameron would be dumped. I’m hoping that my vote for UKIP will help bring this about. William Hague would take over the Tory party. The economy would soon collapse and the IMF would be brought in. This would clearly show who was responsible for our huge problems; the Labour Party. The coalition of LabLibDem would soon die, and a new election would see a huge Tory majority led by the real heirs of Thatcher. A stake would have been driven through the heart of Labour. It would recede to its core northern carzee base, never to re-emerge. Prosperity and freedom for all would soon follow. If only.

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