Tory Evasion On Wilders Case Shows Cameroon Superficiality

Justine Greening’s hand-wringing reply on BBC TV’s Question Time to the question about Geert Wilders’ visit, and Chris Grayling’s earlier statement, (if Wilders might transgress laws, we support the government action; followed by the pathetic whine about the government is inconsistent) shows why traditional Tories like me will never vote for this superficial, opportunistic, Cameron-led party. You can tell from Grayling’s weasel words and Greening’s views that the Tory party went into panic focus-group mode. Will this cost us votes in Muslim marginals? Will this make us look like the nasty party?

What’s wrong with a principled stand? Free speech is the point. Do we believe in it? Yes we do. So support Wilders and let the chips fall where they may. That’s what the party should have done.

What a pathetic Blue Labour party the Tories have become.

All is not yet lost! On Friday evening’s Any Questions on Radio 4, former Tory party leadership challenger David Davis rejected the corrupt Cameron line and came out strongly on the side of freedom of speech. What fools the Tories were to go for the we’re-all-guilty- everything’s-got-to-change-we’re-so-nasty-look-at-me-and-my-family-aren’t-we-nice Cameron superficiality tendency.

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