U.S. Election Shows People Are Listening, and Aren’t Powerless

Sickening, Self-Indulgent Clinton Visit To Haiti

West Must Take This Chance To Finally Reform Haiti

Thanks for the New Year’s gift Massachusetts! What a stunning victory for the Republicans in a Senate seat owned (probably literally) by the Kennedys and their corrupt acolytes for decades.

This is great news for those who believe that the public can only be pushed so far, before saying No More. (And don’t forget, the losing Democrat candidate, Martha Coakley, was the same power-hungry attorney-general careerist zealot who prosecuted, with no evidence, British nanny Louise Woodward for shaking an 8-month-old baby to death).

The Obama health bill now staggering through Congress, the catalyst for Democrat defeat, is an abomination in all kinds of ways. It is a massively expensive piece of legislation containing much bad news for ordinary Americans, which even if you thought it made sense, was being rammed through Congress by the awful House Speaker Nancy Pelosi without the chance of its details being addressed in an open and democratic way.

Scott Brown’s win means that the Senate is no longer veto proof for the Democrats. We have seen blatant corruption, where various senators were bribed with pork for their States to accept the health legislation. The bill would have imposed huge taxes on Middle America already being crushed by the recession. The bill would have (I’m talking about it in the past tense, although that may be premature) given union members big benefits, while gouging those outside of unions with huge costs. Unfair, corrupt and incompetent is the only way to describe this bill.

Nobody is saying that American health care is perfect and can’t be touched. It is grotesquely expensive, and there are many ways this could be tackled. Allowing competition for health insurance across all the states would be a start.

This Obamacare bill was hated by many middle class Americans because it threw the baby out with the bath water. American health care is undoubtedly the best in the world by miles. But it can’t be right that many American citizens are excluded, and insurance companies consign many citizens to bankruptcy by, for instance, excluding those with pre-conditions. That’s wrong and must be changed. The Obama scheme, with Labour-party-like thinking, ignored the dreaded unintended consequences of socialism. In its zeal to be fair, it would have succeeded in making health care available to all by making it crap for all. Not to mention the vast expense. That’s what Labour/Democrats like to do (after first making sure they don’t have to participate themselves). Surely there must be a way to retain the excellence of American health care, while extending it to others.

The loss of the Democrat’s veto in the Senate also means that the dreaded Cap and Tax legislation is likely to founder. (This was also under pressure because its proponents said it was necessary to save the world from global warming, while most of America slipped and skidded because of the record amounts of snow). Cap and Tax would have raised energy costs, crippled the U.S. economy, and had no impact on the weather. The bad news is that if Obamacare and Cap and Tax had passed, the consequences would have been so bad that the Democrat party would have been toast for a generation. As it is, Obama, and his corrupt and semi-fascist Progressives surely will be gone in 2012.

Thanks for giving us Jimmy Carter’s second term, Barrack.

And thinking of politicians who will do anything to progress their careers without regard to the suffering of those in the way, doesn’t it make you sick to the stomach that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought to grandstand her profile with a visit to Haiti? Given the urgency of the relief effort, every second was crucial to saving the lives of trapped or sick Haitians. Don’t forget, there’s only one airport, with one runway. Clinton’s pointless ego-trip visit would have necessitated a huge security effort to protect her, diverting manpower away from the life or death struggle, and using up one extra slot for incoming relief flights. If Clinton really cared about Haiti she would have held back for at least another week, when the relief effort would have left its life or death phase.

But who cares about a few dead Haitians when a Clinton career can be progressed.

Everybody knows “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good”, and maybe this disaster will help Haiti in the long run. This will only happen if the world can be persuaded that self-determination isn’t always a good thing. Haiti has been an ill-governed basket case for perhaps 200 years. Above all, its citizens cry out for good governance. This is clearly beyond them. If the West really cares about Haitian’s future it will design some form of protectorate/government that will finally cure this problem. The trouble is, progressives will scream blue-murder if there is a hint of colonialism in the outcome.

Do the likes of Obama, Brown, Sarkozy and Merkel have the guts to say – “these people clearly can’t govern themselves, we will impose an administration on them that will rebuild the infrastructure and law and order. We will hand power back when it is clear Haiti can govern itself. Because the United Nations is dominated by corrupt dictatorships, we won’t let it have anything to do with Haiti’s future. We will hand back power when Haiti has attained the level of the weakest European democracy”.

Don’t hold your breath for anything like that. You’ll get plenty of emoting from the likes of Obama and Brown as they parade their faux compassion, with the help of oodles of our money. We’ve seen Brown do this with Africa.

Firm action to reform Haiti? (or Africa for that matter). No chance.

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