UKIP Manifesto Includes Global Warming Doubt, Flat-Tax

Nigel FarageOf Course, European Union Withdrawal Is Top Of The List

Ban Burqa, Smoking Rooms In Pubs, Pensions Saved; HIPS To Go

“Someone who did such damage shouldn’t be allowed to spend his retirement in comfort. This man should be exiled to the Falklands”

It goes without saying that nobody in their right mind would vote for the incompetents in the Labour Party. Just survey the wreckage of the economy and tot up the national debt that these halfwits have imposed on us. The Liberal Democrats are just hopeless, fuzzy-minded hand wringers. When you listen to Nick Clegg, you realise this is Gordon Brown’s second eleven. They are just subs on the bench for Labour.

The Greens are communists in disguise who would clap you in the Gulag if you put your recyclables out from your climate-friendly cave on the wrong day. The BNP is a nightmare of lowbrow resentment whose dimwit members don’t seem to understand that their political manifesto of nationalisation and fortress Britain makes them another heir of Marx. Maybe, in common with Britain’s media, they really do think they are extreme, libertarian right wingers.

The Tories under David Cameron are not Conservatives at all. They lost me when they dumped grammar schools and started talking about how to reform the NHS. Anyone who takes a couple of minutes to study how to deliver health care to the highest standards to the greatest number of people knows the NHS is not so much a non-starter as a cul-de-sac. But to take a principled stand might cost votes.

It’s not only the inoffensive Tory policies which drive me nuts it’s the marketing man madness of their campaign. Dave strolls up to a meeting in Leeds in a nice suit. But inside, on stage, he’s actually dumped the jacket and rolled his shirtsleeves up (very high and tight, like no normal person would). Just for effect. His advisors think this matters. The opening press conference recruited a carefully selected group of young people on the river bank opposite Parliament. We are young and smug and annoying and we want change and we aren’t part of that nasty group over the river, but we want to go there, gedditt? Another bunch of carefully selected, wide-ranging ethnic and gender groupies; Dave ostentatiously embraces the black guy.

The move to reward marriage includes a provision to include homosexual unions. This started out as a policy to buttress the family to help fix our broken society, and it is extended to civil partnerships. Beyond contempt. Dave and his group (what do you expect when you appoint a red-top editor as your chief PR) are such cowards, they can’t even say no to militant homosexuals in Stonewall.

So you can imagine my disappointment when having said “Come on down, UKIP,” I find that bits of their manifesto sound like the Tories.

“UKIP believes strongly in the principles of the NHS, which should continue to deliver care free at the point of delivery.”

That’s disappointing. But apart from that, UKIP has a huge raft of things it wants to do that make mega sense to me. And to be fair about the NHS, it does want to introduce Health Credit Vouchers, which you could use to opt out of this delusional, Stalinist bureaucracy. And UKIP is against the 3rd runway at Heathrow. Perhaps the most craven, cynical thing the Tories have done so far is to rule out this 3rd runway to try and get a few votes from marginal seats in West London, when they must be aware of the huge damage this will do to our economy.

Being UKIP, of course its main policy is to leave the European Union. For that alone it has my vote. But there are plenty of other delicious goodies. It is sceptical about man-made global warming and recognises the huge damage the Climate Change Act will do to our economy. It wants to rollback the surveillance state of speed cameras. HIPS, the E.U inspired Home Information Packs, will go straight into the garbage. One neat idea, which I think they’ve stolen from me, is to retain the Welsh and Scottish parliaments, but not to elect them separately. So if you are elected to the British Parliament at Westminster from Scotland, you spend about one week a month in Holyrood. UKIP would ban the burqa or veiled niqab. Way to go! Pubs would be allowed to have separate smoking rooms. There would be a flat tax to make tax collection cheaper and make sure the super-rich paid their share. UKIP would cap immigration at about 50,000, dump the Crown Prosecution Service in favour of local powers, introduce school vouchers, drop the stupid 50% university target, and restore the pension fund’s dividend tax credit, probably Gordon Brown’s most hateful policy in his war on Britain’s middle classes.

This one spiteful act consigned Britain’s world class pension schemes to the scrapheap and ruined the retirement of millions. This alone makes Brown my candidate for the Napoleon treatment. Surely someone who wilfully did so much damage shouldn’t be allowed to spend his retirement in comfort. This man should be exiled to our equivalent of Elba. Maybe a life sentence to the Falkland Islands could be arranged.

I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks in America and I’ll be reporting on how the U.S. is viewing our election.  

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