Vote “Yes” Please Scots; We Can’t Afford “No” Consequences


Irreversible? Rubbish. Learn Your Lesson, Then Welcome Back.

“risible that sterling is worth less without this Scottish basket-case, denuded of talent and left with a grasping, welfare-state drone rump
“When Scots grow up and want to come back, we’d welcome them home again”

The need for a “Yes” vote in the Scottish independence referendum takes on even more importance after our cowardly and brain-dead leaders promise even more money we don’t have to keep them quiet.

We English simply can’t afford a “No” vote on Thursday.

Last week, a disinterred former Prime Minister Gordon Brown pleaded and begged for support for the Better Together campaign, promising even more debt on top of the billions his incompetent regime from 1997 to 2010 has already wasted. It’s hard to see where his authority to make these silly promises comes from, but it seems that Tory Leader David Cameron and Labour’s Ed Miliband are on board with this vague skulduggery, the details of which are unclear, but which we can rest assured will throw more good money after bad to subsidise Scotland’s absurd socialists.

If Scotland votes “Yes”, we will be faced with a virtuous circle, as Labour’s grip on our parliament is loosened, and our leaders are free to pursue low-tax, small government, more libertarian policies.

If they vote “No”, we will be plunged into a financial crisis, egged on by Labour, which will seek to use our money to buy votes for them in Scotland from the Scottish National Party (SNP). The fact that the Tory party will be the main beneficiary of a “Yes” vote makes it odd that Cameron has been opening his onion on live TV to make it appear that he really, seriously, passionately wants them to stay. The question “is he really a Tory” has rarely seemed so apt.

These scare stories about the consequences of setting Scotland free are nothing more than ill-informed panic. The idea is risible that sterling is worth less if we lose the spendthrift basket-case that is Scotland, denuded of its talent over the years and left with a rump of grasping, welfare-state drones. The report from Deutsche Bank that independence would leave Scotland destitute has somehow been twisted by the media to say that this might trigger a crisis more serious than the crash of 1929. I think it’s safe to say the bank was talking about Scotland, not the western world.

Socialist graspers
And the idea that the socialist graspers of Scotland urge a “Yes” because they are against London-induced austerity is also up there with the fairies. Scottish independence would mean much more austerity for Scotland as it was forced to slash spending and tighten budgets if it was to pass the lending test from international banks.

Think of the benefits of independence.

Westminster and England is rid, forever, of a huge part of the Labour party. England would then be set on a virtuous circle of good governance with supply-side principles of lower tax and less regulation driving on a leap in prosperity and freedom. The Scots would be on a deepening slide to poverty, as high-tax, high-welfare spend forced penury. They would be able to see quite clearly the error of their ways as England flourished without them across the border. It would be a harsh lesson, but when the Scots sue for forgiveness and reinstatement in the United Kingdom, I think we should be generous, knowing that by then, they will have learned their lesson about the madness and unintended consequences of socialism and would henceforth always be relied upon to vote intelligently and right of centre.

Who knows, by then they will have eschewed their belief not only in the over-weaning welfare state and its inbuilt trap, but also that if you want world class health care, having the state deliver it makes no sense.

David Cameron’s mantra that a vote for independence is irreversible is nonsense. Of course it’s not. When Scots grow up collectively and want to come back, I’m sure we’d welcome them home again. Particularly if they demonstrated they had learned their lessons.

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