What’s “right-wing” about Ukranian extremists? Nothing, BBC concedes (at least I think it does)

    Finally, a minor triumph over the BBC to report. Right-wing extremists in Ukraine are now routinely described as “extremists”.

    After watching the news earlier in the week, in which the BBC reported on its own “documentary” about racist football crowds in Ukraine,  the revolting yoboes in the crowd, who were proffering some kind of sub-Nazi salute, then beating up innocents with brown skins, were described as “right-wing extremists”. I called to complain, asking just what was it about this behaviour that could be labelled as politically inspired, not to say right wing and extreme?

It usually takes the BBC complaints desk about 10 days to compose a bromide explaining incompetent or inaccurate behaviour by their operatives. This time I noticed that the very next day, these ugly, loud and violent demonstrators were simply described as “extremists”.

Excellent. Strike One, after about 500 misses!

June 7

It seems I was getting ahead of myself. The BBC has never conceded an inch in any complaint I have ever made, and they refused to admit one in this case. They wriggle off the hook by claiming that because unnamed “anti-racist campaigners said this, the BBC isn’t wrong. So viewers still are expected to believe that these violent yoboes are some kind of extreme Conservatives. This is what the BBC said –

“I understand you felt the report on concerns about the possibility of racist violence at Euro 2012 didn’t explain why Ukrainian fans were being described as ‘extremely right wing’.

However the report did clearly state: “Anti-racism campaigners claim some extreme right-wing organisations are hijacking football.”

It was clear then that this was a description being attributed to ‘anti-racism campaigners’ and that their claims, and therefore the description in question, were due to their concerns that some extreme right-wing organisations were hijacking football in the country. The context was that there was therefore concern this was a factor in the violence being seen so more than just the actions of ‘yobbos’.”

Bear in mind that the more “extreme” right-wing your beliefs are, the more you believe in small states, lower taxes, less regulation and free trade. If you think this way and are about to go to a football match, the BBC expects you to beat up brown people and make Nazi salutes.

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