Will the BNP’s Griffin show his leftie credentials on Question Time?

the BNP is old Labour with racism

    Hat’s off to the BBC! Finally, it seems to have woken up to its charter obligations to stimulate wide ranging, unfettered debate in Britain.

Last week the BBC was doing it with Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who was formally banned from entering Britain for the outrageous reason that others might break the law if he came to our country to speak. BBC Radio 5 Live had an extensive phone-in in which Wilders and assorted Muslims had their say. Excellent! Wilders told the truth about the danger of Islam in a way none of our useless politicians dare.

This week, we will have the pleasure of hearing Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party (or is it Banque Nationale de Paris?), on BBC TV’s Question Time. I’m not sure how nauseating Griffin’s performance will be, but it can’t be more sick-making than listening to the likes of Labour’s Peter Hain and Home Secretary Allen “Pat” Johnson saying Griffin should not be allowed to speak. Peter Hain, still a member of CND the last time has was asked, seems to think the BNP is vile and odious. Maybe. But who is he to stand in judgement?

Doesn’t he belong to a party which recently lauded the traitor Jack Jones as a magnificent trade union leader, who it turns out was paid for spying by the Soviet Union during the height of the cold war? Even Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid tribute to the former TGWU leader after his death. I would describe Jones as vile and odious, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other lefties from the Labour Party weren’t similarly on the take during the 50s, 60s and 70s. But that shouldn’t mean it should be denied a voice, even though Jones clearly was on the side of those who would have destroyed our freedoms. The more we know, the better we can judge who to vote for.

On Thursday’s Question Time, Griffin will be introduced as a far-right politician, when in fact he is a leftie. His party is against globalisation and free trade. He wants to tax the rich until the pips squeak.  The BNP wants to nationalise utilities, protect domestic industries, and retain the NHS. The BNP’s manifesto is a wish list of stuff most of which even the Liberal Democrats would agree with. It will be interesting to hear him speak on Thursday to see if my belief that the BNP is a socialist offshoot is true. Let’s face it, the Fascist Party in the 30s was led by ex-Labour’s Moseley.

As former Tory bigwig Norman Tebbit put it so memorably; “the BNP is old Labour with racism”.

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