WintonsWorld and Global Warming


WintonsWorld and Global Warming

During my 33 years at Reuters, I spent more than three years as Science and Technology Correspondent. Even in the mid-90s, global warming was being misreported. The mainstream media in general and the BBC in particular left the impression that humans were indeed hotting-up the planet, and that there was no question about the science proving this.

I was amazed to find when I took over the SciTech beat that the science linking human produced CO2 to the warming of the climate was distinctly sparse. I had access to many of the world’s top climate scientists and almost none were prepared to declare a proven link. Many of the dire predictions accepted by the mainstream media were based on algorithms containing much subjective material. A smarter person than me, author Michael Crichton, wrote a novel, “State of Fear”, musing about ruthless and self-righteous people wanting to use false global warming propaganda to pursue a political agenda.

I’ve followed the story since and nothing much has changed, except that many politicians have embraced human induced climate change as gospel, and are using this to make important policy decisions. In Britain, Labour’s Ed Miliband and weak Tories led by coalition partner the Liberal Democrats’ Chris Huhne, gave us the mantra that the use of fossil fuels must be ended to be replaced by renewables. That’s a worthy ambition perhaps, but in fact will end up bankrupting us, while we cower in caves as the lights go out and the climate remains unchanged, at least by human hand. Even a well documented scandal – so-called “climategate”, in which prominent warmist scientists had clearly been shown cooking the books, had little effect. Now in some quarters, if you dare to question the conventional wisdom you are branded a “climate denier”, and even threatened with jail.

As the U.N. climate change conference looms in Paris, it is, I think, important to spell out contrary views, particularly if they are firmly science-based.

My first story on WintonsWarmingBlog reports former GreenPeace leader Patrick Moore’s speech to the Global Warming Policy Foundation. You’ll also find some of my other blogs on global warming in this section.

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  1. insightful January 21, 2016 at 10:17 pm #

    I think, important to spell out contrary views, particularly if they are firmly science-based.

    So where are they? the science based views.

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